As summer ends and fall begins, businesses across New England continue to navigate state regulations and what that means for their business. Businesses in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are battling with their neighbors Rhode Island and Massachusetts for those who are traveling during this pandemic.


For the small business owners hoping to weather the storm until “normalcy” returns numerous are having to decide on selling now at the current valuation or risk their retirement to rescue their business.

The average small business owner is 60 years-old, according to Barlow Research Associates, and 40% of owners are 65 and older. Of these, many simply do not want to put in the time and investment to endure the pandemic and subsequent economic recovery. Selling during an economic downturn does not mean you cannot reach a satisfactory sale. Bob House, President for BizBuySell, even writes of the opportunities in purchasing and selling closed businesses. There are always investors looking for the right move, and that could be you.

Before you think “Could I sell my business in NH or elsewhere?” Consider a few factors most business owners overlook.

Business owners sometimes get tunnel vision when they’re handling the day to day operations and trying to keep their business afloat during the pandemic. If their business is suffering – there is no way they’ll be able to sell? WRONG. There are several non-financial assets and factors that could play to your benefit even if your profits are down.

Our business broker Joe McGrath has successfully sold several businesses in Massachusetts and even during the pandemic. He shares what non-financial factors business had on their side.


The items that are extremely important for the sale are a solid lease with price and terms acceptable to the buyer.  Also, if real estate is included, we would need an appraisal and an inspection of condition.  We would need an inventory count. Also, a list and value of any equipment is necessary.  A list of employees and duties would be required. A client list with the percentage of volume for the ten top clients is required.

Financial Organization

It is extremely important that each business have organized financials.  At a minimum we would require three years of tax returns, recent and up to date profit and loss statements and a recent balance sheet.  The name of the CPA is also required in case we have specific questions regarding certain items on their returns.

Assets that Increase your Value

Assets that make the business appealing to the buyer would be a liquor license if it is a liquor store.  Real estate if it is a retail establishment. Generally, any licenses that take a lengthy time to acquire are huge non-financial assets to a buyer. Location and layout of a building is also another vital piece of value for you in a potential sale, even if you are leasing, saving the landlord the time and expense of finding a new tenant can be very helpful in being released from the lease obligations. A plus for the buyer are the long-term employees in place. Also, a client base with a long history of service and contracts if necessary and no heavy concentration of sales from any one client.  Most of the equipment should be in very good {in use} condition.

Most importantly a good business broker will be able to discover the best market price for your business and ensures that you do not leave any money on the table. For example, ROI Corporation has a proprietary system to help buyers compete in a confidential manner. Read about our Controlled Informal Auction Process here. If you are asking yourself “How do I sell my business in NH, MA or elsewhere in the next 1-5 years?”, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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