By gary rayberg / July 27, 2020

How can a business valuation or opinion of value help myself and my company?

Business valuations have been used for many purposes. We recently did a NH business valuation because a partner died, and his spouse wanted to know what the business was worth…

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By gary rayberg / July 16, 2020

From Business Owner to Business Broker; Hear First Hand Experience on Selling a Business

  Business owner turned Business Broker Tom Boyd sits down with ROI Corporation President Gary Rayberg and talks about his experience selling his transportation business in 2019.   Tom Boyd…

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By gary rayberg / July 7, 2020

HVAC companies are hot properties in the market today!

We are sometimes asked, “What’s a great type of business to buy?”   One industry attracting a lot of interest from individual and Private Equity buyers is the HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air…

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By Veronica Garcia / June 19, 2020

Considering Selling your Business? Don’t forget about your Key Employees.

By; Gary Rayberg, President ROI Corporation. When faced with uncertainty, the human brain is conditioned to run through a gambit of worst-case scenarios. This is especially true when it comes…

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