ROI Corporation Brokers the Sale of Murphy HVAC

In their third quarter of 2019, Vice President Denis Mezheritskiy brokered the sale of Murphy’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing of South Yarmouth, MA; adding to the many HVAC and Plumbing companies ROI has brokered over the years.  


The business was established in 1981 but acquired by Devin Murphy with the help of ROI Corporation’s President Gary Rayberg in 2009 when it was then known as Souza’s HVAC. Murphy’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing was originally established as a stand-alone HVAC company, but as the company grew through series of successful acquisitions, it became the largest HVAC service provider in its region grossing millions in yearly revenue.  

After ten years successfully leading the company, Devin Murphy decided to retire, and contacted Gary Rayberg to re sell the company and mastermind an exit strategy. Gary turned to ROI partner and VP Denis Mezeheritskiy to lead the project. One of the crucial components of an exit strategy is having a broker who can see the potential of your lives’ work.  Denis Mezheritskiy recognized the well-oiled management team, systems and relationships Murphy had built and knew exactly how to market it to buyers. Murphy’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing was in prime position as an anchor or platform company and perfect for creating a hub for future business growth through acquisitions. Working with an internal list of select buyers, Mezheritskiy held a controlled auction which allowed the market to determine the worth of the company. The strategy implemented was very successful and enabled the very happy acquistion of Murphy’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing of South Yarmouth, MA.  

This marks ROI Corporation’s 22 HVAC & Plumbing business sold in the last few years. Their success is due to several factors that makes ROI the premier business brokerage firm in New England. The staff at ROI painstakingly craft a list of qualified buyers who are waiting to look at your business and we have more financially qualified buyers than ever. Interest rates are low and the SBA is backing banks to finance buyers.  

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You might recognize some of the names of the fine HVAC/Plumbing companies that we have brokered in MA, NH and RI. Your peers trust us. Now it’s your turn.